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rethinking english typography

nearly a year ago, back when i was real big on Standards and the like, i decided that i was going to formalize my "style" .  i opened up a text editor, and created a blank HTML page with some light notes on punctuation in the comments .  then, y'know, school got underway, and i never got around to actually working on it .

today, for some odd reason, the idea came back to me, and i decided to actually take a serious look at things .  and so, i finally drafted up a style guideline—for myself—on typesetting and punctuation and whatnot .  i decided to do some things a bit differently, as you may have noticed .  once i get everything finalized, expect an explanation and rationale; until then, consider this a beta test .


allie hart is a writer, mathematician, linguist, artist, and god-knows-what-else .  she does things somewhat differently .  this is her website .  tweet @_u2764; .