love in a math class

It was morning, early, one of those mornings where one struggles to remember such basic details as the day of the week_ Natasha love walked into her math class; she thought it was wednesday_ She noticed with distaste the unfortunate pattern of the carpet—It wasn't something she normally gave much thought, but this morning it struck her as particularly unsightly_ She pondered for a moment on the series of events that might have led to such an unpleasant choice of design, finding her seat and somewhat ungracefully depositing herself onto it_

She had three minutes before class was scheduled to begin; natasha spent them daydreaming_

Miss love_? Her teacher had begun passing out papers; natasha received hers with a grunt_ Last week·s test… not bad; not stellar_ Natasha didn't look too closely—she was too tired to deal with it now; she'd examine it later, maybe, if she had the time_

And so the class began_ The teacher rightly began the class by reviewing the test; natasha flipped hers over—admittedly, she should have been following along, but she wasn't in the mood, and the test was behind her, anyway_

Natasha gazed across the room; a boy on the other side of the room did as well_ She met his gaze—briefly—then broke; she glanced quickly behind her, then back to the front_ Teacher still teaching_

The boy·s gaze held a few moments longer, then his eyes dropped to his desk_ He began writing something in his notebook; natasha·s gaze returned to him_ Something about watching him was strangely relaxing, and she let her thoughts drift in his direction_

He glanced back at her; her gaze dropped_

Natasha bent down and rummaged through her purse; she pulled out a piece of gum and popped it in her mouth_

Outside, it was autumn; natasha propped her head up with an elbow and watched the falling leaves_ A bird cleaned itself in a branch—natasha·s elbow slipped, sending her head crashing to her desk_ She panicked a little, looking around; no-one had noticed anything_ She looked at the boy; he was packing his things_

The review was over; the bell rang_ Natasha gathered her things and left the classroom_ She didn't look back_